Monday, June 23, 2008

Laney Loves Music

I'm feeling more myself this week, so I'm going to do something out of character - post on our blog! Right now, Laney and I are watching "Grease". We found out over the past few days that our little girl enjoys music, and the louder the better. I attribute this to a few things - while pregnant, I would listen to a variety of music stations on (a great online radio station you should check out if you haven't heard of it), my calling at church was choir director, and in general both Jamison and I love music and have it on whenever we can.

Anyway, the other morning Laney was a little fussy, so I brought her out to the living room and turned on one of my Pandora stations. She went to sleep after a minute or two. The funny thing is the station I picked plays mostly alternative bands - Death Cab for Cutie, Dashboard Confessional, Ok Go, etc. - but it did the trick! Also this past Saturday we went down to Kings Island, and since I'm not allowed on any roller coasters yet (blah!), mom, Laney, and I went to a bunch of shows. The music was blasting in a few of them, but she slept on through. Just in case you were wondering, we decided to go this past weekend since we bought season passes for 2008 (thanks goes out to the IRS for their stimulus check). We went with my parents and brother (Eric), our friends the Kuroiwa's (Nicole, Josh, and Mara), and two of Jamison's co-workers from his lab at IUPUI (Yiqiang and Ang). Here's a picture of the group:

We all had a good time even though we were rained on for part of the day. . . but that helped thin out the crowd. Now for a few more pictures, some from Kings Island, others just random from the past week or so.

Our little family on the carousel at the end of a fun day at Kings Island!

A very smitten daddy - she's already got him wrapped around her little finger.

My mom (also known as Grandma now) riding one of the few rides that she enjoys at KI.

Ang and Yiqiang enjoying the carousel too!

My sweet baby taking a nap - I love her chubby cheeks!

All dressed up after church this past Sunday, so we had to take some pics. Isn't she the cutest? But we found that the headband is a little small for her . . . may have inherited her daddy's huge noggin. :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bath Time/ Tomando Banho

Apparently Elaine doesn't like baths, but she does like the post bath towel snuggle.

Elaine nao gosta de tomar banho, mas ela gosta apos na

Going Home/ Indo para casa

So Amanda being the little trooper she is got to leave the hospital a day early. We were ready to go. We have had two days to "relax" and spend time with our little one. All of you who have had newborns will know why I say "relax" :)

Entao sendo que Amanda se cura rapidamente ele foi deixado voltar para casa cedo. Nos estavamos bem pronto pair sair. Passemos os ultimos dois dias relaxando com nosso nene.

More Elaine Pics/ Mais fotos de Elaine

Here are some more pictures of Elaine. These were done by my Mother-in-law Jennifer... Enjoy.

Aqui sao mais fotos do Elaine. Forum tirados pelo minha sogra...espero que gostam.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Elaine Vittoria Hemmert 6-04-08 3:15 am

Elaine Vittoria Hemmert has graced us with her presence. After 20 hrs of labor for Amanda, Elaine just stopped making progress so at 2:15 am we decided to get her out by C-Section... which it was a good thing to. Elaine was born at 9lbs 1 oz and 22 inches long, or 55.8 cm. I am amazed by Amanda she went the full 20 hours with no painkillers. She is a trooper. We finally got some rest last night. So far this morning we have had some great bonding time with Elaine. We figured out that Elaine was just being considerate to her two Grandparents and split the difference between their birthdays. My mom's on the third and Amanda's dad on the 5th. We will be at the hospital until Saturday.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Home at Last and Babywatch Update/ Finalmente em casa e noticias da Nene

Amanda and I finally spent the night in our new house. We loaded up on Saturday and weren't able to get the bedroom set up till yesterday. It was really nice to be in our own place. Not to toot my own horn but ...beep beep.... I am turning out to be quite the handyman. I have really enjoyed working on the house. I installed a new toilet on Saturday and changed faucet valves yesterday. It is really rewarding working on your own place as many of you may already know. Well enough about the house I am sure all of you are dying to hear what is the baby news. Wellllll .... no baby yet. We are scheduled to induce tomorrow pending Elaine doesn't decide to show up today. Cute story... we were at church yesterday and our friend's daughter Mara was sitting on Amanda's lap. Mara started pulling on Amanda's shirt at the top saying "Laney come out". It was pretty darn cute. So check back tomorrow and I will try to get some pictures up after Elaine is born.

On a sad note my Grandmother passed away last night.... Her and Elaine we have to meet in heaven.... Maybe that is what Elaine was waiting for.

Amanda e eu finalmente dormiu em nossa casa. Nos Arrumemos nossas coisas no sabado mas nao deu tempo para desembalar nossas coisas. Foi muito legal para estar em nossa propria casa. Nao quero buzinhar meu proprio buzinha mas ... beep beep.... to ficando bom com arrumando as coisas de casa. Ja instalou uma toileta, e trocou as valvula no pia. Fico com um pouco de orgulho nas coisas que to fazendo. Bom imagina que querem ouvir noticias do nene. A menos que Elaine decida chegar hoje estamos marcado a provocar amanha. Entao volta amanha e vamos ter fotos.

Num note triste minha avo faleceu ontem a noite. Nos lembra em teus oracoes. Parece que Ela e Elaine vao tem que se conhecer no ceu, talvez por isso Elaine esperou.