Wednesday, March 18, 2009

London Jolly Ol' Times: Day 4 Paris Edition

We just got in from Paris. We decided we would do a day trip and hit the big sites. We had unlimited access on the subway so it made it really easy to get around, but even still our feet hurt and we are tired. It is a lot to do Paris in a day. We got there and went straight for the Eiffel Tower. The top floor was closed so we could only go up to the middle floor. There we had a baguette sandwich and took in the city of Paris. After being on the tower we walked out to the grass mall in front of it and got some great pictures. After the tower we went to the Arc d'Triomphe and the champs elysees. We had to use the restroom so we stopped in at the McDonalds for a Royal Cheese :). After a quick bite we went to the louvre. This was worth the whole price to go to Paris. I loved the Louvre. We only saw like .01% of it but even still it was amazing. After the museum it was back to London on the train.


Blogger Mandapanda said...

Whoa - you guys must have an INCREDIBLE amount of energy to do Paris in one day!! All your pictures are bringing back a ton of memories of our trip a few years ago. Isn't it crazy how little the Mona Lisa is? The Louvre is pretty amazing - definitely a highlight of any Europe vacation...even if you only see a tiny bit of it.

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