Sunday, March 15, 2009

London Jolly Ol' Times: Day 1

We arrived safely in London for those waiting for news. The flight went really well and for the most part we slept. We arrived at 6:40 am, not so bright-eyed but happy to be done flying. After going through customs we were officially in London. Can't you tell that Laney is just thrilled. We were going to ride the Heathrow connect to get into our hotel, but instead we found a Direct Door to Door service that would be only a few pounds more. After a nice ride, and a very talkative driver we arrived at our hotel and got checked in to our "huge" room.(I guess sarcasm doesn't transcribe well to text ... oh well.) We took the time to get cleaned up, and after a quick sandwich we were off to see the sights. Our driver told us about going to covent gardens on Sunday, he said it was not to be missed. We decided we would make that our final destination. On the way we would take in the other 3 big squares: Leicester, Picadilly Circus, and Trafalgar square. Since Tuesday is St. Patrick's day there was a huge party going on in the square. It was packed but we thought that we would still get in on some of the action. Elaine loved the sights and giggled the whole time from her pack that we bought to carry her in. People were really getting into it so I snapped a few shots of the locals.

Amanda bought a green coat from target and blended in nicely.

After trafalgar we went to picadilly circus then on to covent gardens where we were treated to some street performing and yummy ice cream.

I will wrap up quick because we are tired and have to get up early for stonehenge tomorrow.


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