Monday, October 20, 2008

Apples and Pumpkins and Rhett . . . oh my!

We've been busy the past month or so (as you will see from our pictures).  Elaine is growing like crazy and just getting more fun everyday.  She's now experienced going to the apple orchard, flying on an airplane, Oregon, Brown County, and much more.  On top of that she's smiling all the time (she's definitely a happy baby), rolling over, holding her head up, and pushing up her front half when lying on her tummy.  We've also welcomed a new family member - Rhett, our awesome golden retriever.  He is the best dog ever, totally mellow (opposite of Porthos) and just an all-around sweetie.  We rescued him from a shelter, so they guessed that he is around 5 years old.  He's been wonderful to have around Porthos, because the two of them just play all day and tire each other out - no more hyper time at night. :)

At Anderson Apple Orchard - "An apple, huh, what am I supposed to do with this?"

Here's Laney in her cute Halloween hat, looking like she'd like to eat a pumpkin!

And without her hat - her bald head fits in well with the pumpkins. :)

Amanda and Elaine, both loving this time of year in Indiana.

Strapped to Daddy's belly now :) - Laney loves her Jeep carrier, and Daddy likes to tote her around in it - which is all wonderful for Mommy.

Already a Colts fan - just needs a little pom-pom to complete the outfit!

In one of her many cute dresses and enjoying some time outside. 

Say hello to Rhett!  He's got a big head and big paws, so he definitely fits as a Hemmert. :)  But don't let his size fool you - he's just a big teddy bear.

The two boys playing in the backyard together - Porthos loves his new big brother.