Friday, December 12, 2008

A little place called Asssspen!

So I ventured into the unknown for me this last weekend. Now it may come as a surprise for you, but I have never skied before. Yes, I grew up in Utah. Yes there are like 7 ski resorts within an hour of my house. I just never learned how. So this past weekend I went to a Bioinformartics conference in Apsen, CO. As part of the conference we could buy discount ski passes. I thought I would give it a go. After getting the Skis rented I headed up to the beginner's area alone. I strapped on my skiis and tried my best to manuever to the "magic carpet" conveyor belt that would take me to the top of a gentle hill. After I got the top I turned and slid myself into position. After I started clumsy flailing my arms and poles and making some attempt at forming a pizza with my skiis I made it to the bottom without falling. I got back on the belt and went again, and again, and again. I loved it. I then wanted to try harder stuff. I jumped on the ski lift to the top of the bunny hill and went down it a few times. I eventually got to the point where I was going fully parallel down the hill. I love skiing. I had so much fun. I attempted to descend down a green run on the main slopes but after almost being hit and almost hitting the sign that told me to slow down I thought I better stick to the beginner area for the time being. I want to ski more!!! My friends later joined me to try there hand at snowboarding.


Blogger kmorganhillig said...

Yay Jamison! Now I wish you guys were back out here to ski with us! I'm thinking we'll have to plan to meet up in Utah sometime...we miss you guys!

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