Saturday, April 12, 2008

There is more than Corn in Indiana

Hey there from the Hoosier front. So great news... we got a house.... well almost. We close on the 25th of this month. The house is small but has been well cared for. It is a one level three bedroom house with hard wood floors throughout. Amanda and I are pretty excited. We are just waiting for the mortgage process to go through right now.
On the baby front Amanda is doing really well. She feels good all things considered. She woke up this morning and said "I'm there." Not knowing what she was talking about I inquired further. "You know that point that every pregnant woman talks about when she says she is done being pregnant," I nodded. "Well I am there," she said. "My back always hurts, I am tired all the time, and no matter what I am uncomfortable all the time."
Well from today we are down to 40 days. We have CPR classes coming up and Amanda is going to do a breast feeding class. Today is also Porthos's Birthday. He is one year old today.
This is him at a local state park. Funny story about the park, there are many trails throughout the park. One of the trails crosses a bunch of streams. We discovered two things about Porthos 1. He really hates water and 2. He is really good at balancing on a log. Jennifer, Amanda's Mom, started crossing a log thinking Porthos would tromp along side in the water but instead he followed suit on the log behind her. He ended up tripping Jennifer up and sending her into the water.