Thursday, August 28, 2008


We've finally caught a few smiles on camera! Above is one from last Saturday, after we also took Elaine to have pictures taken in a studio setting, which I will post once we get them back. We didn't get one that I really liked in this cute outfit from Nana, so we just went in the backyard and shot a few after we got home. She actually really liked it, because she kept trying to roll over and eat the grass. :) Things have been crazy (as promised in the last post), but we're keeping sane. Jamison just started up school again along with working full-time, so Elaine and I will see him for about 10 minutes every day. . . seriously. But they are usually a happy 10 minutes for all of us, because she's been sleeping for at least 5 hours straight at night = mom is sleeping for at least 5 hours straight! I'm working still (just got a raise, yipee!), and Elaine is going to daycare. She seems to really enjoy it though. She loves to watch the older kids playing (she's the youngest one there by a year at least). I go to feed her during lunch everyday, and so that has helped the transition for me too.

Well, need to get back to things, so here's some more pictures for those of you die-hards that don't give up on our posting abilities. :)

Thought this look was awesome - rock on! Plus those are just funny fingers to choose to suck on.

This is the normal state of our bed whenever I'm in it - the baby, dog, and cat all need to be in close proximity to me at all times. It can be a little suffocating at times, but I love them all too much to do anything about it.

Laney and me at the Heign Family Reunion up in northern Indiana. It was a weekend long event, which included her first camping trip! She loved it, cause she loves to be outside, especially looking at the trees. Oh, and of course Porthos loved it too, cause he got to play with all of his doggie "cousins".

Here's a close-up of Laney just chillin at the reunion. You can't tell from this picture, but she is getting much better at holding up her head.


Blogger sylvie-anne said...

She's adorable, I love her eyes!! I love the pic with the cat and dog!! Mim feels very left out when Leia is on the bed and she isn't, so she very rarely isn't!! same when I'm nursing, she has to come sit either next to me, or on my does get crowded!

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