Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Month of July

We've had a lot of fun during the month of July getting to know our sweet girl even better. We started out the month with a visit from Jamison's parents (a.k.a. Nana and Papa). They came out for Elaine's baby blessing and to enjoy a few of the sights here in good ol' Indiana.

Elaine's blessing went very well - her Daddy did a great job! But we did have bit of trauma in the morning before getting to church . . . I was getting her all dressed up and noticed that a few nails could use trimming. As I clipped the 2nd one, I nicked her finger and it started bleeding all over! Luckily we hadn't gotten the white dress on yet! I felt so horrible, and her cry didn't make it any better. :( But we got it bandaged up, and the rest of the day went beautifully. A large thanks goes to Tammy and Russ for taking care of the luncheon afterwards. It was delicious (as all parties are that Tammy is involved with), and I couldn't have done it without them!

Our other highlights from this month were of course the 4th of July (which we actually celebrated the day after), seeing some very cute real smiles from our baby (but haven't captured one on film yet), Eric, my baby brother, turning 15 (yikes!), learning that Laney really doesn't like being buckled into her carseat, another fun trip to Kings Island where I finally got to ride a few roller coasters, and me returning to work as of today (which was kinda sad).

I know next month will be even crazier, so forgive us if we seem a little slow to post! :)

Our little family with Jamison's parents (picture taken in our backyard).
Laney with her Grandma Jennifer and Grandpa John, oh and Mom and Dad again too. :)
Just the girls, three generations . . .
Here she is in her 4th of July outfit - how patriotic!
Ready for swimming at the water park in Kings Island . . .
Just before going in the water (with Dad), but it was freezing, so she really did not enjoy the few seconds she was in it :)
Looking darn cute in her "favorite things" outfit
A time when we were actually happy in our carseat - Mom needed to document it!
Dad and his little girl hanging out in their Hawaiian print. If you couldn't guess, Jamison picked out this dress for her :)


Blogger sylvie-anne said...

beleive how big she's getting!! She's adorable.
Looks like you had a really busy/fun month!! We miss you guys

12:32 PM  
Blogger Mandapanda said...

She is such a cutie - I can't wait for more pictures! Aren't those first smiles so much fun? Especially when you know you MADE her's not just in her sleep or somethin. The first laughs are even better, I think. Hope you are doing well, enjoying work, and enjoying your beautiful little one!

11:03 AM  

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