Friday, January 25, 2008

Update... Porthos.

Porthos here again. I am not in Omaha any more... and haven't been for quite some time. I live now with my Grammy's and Grampy's house. They give me lots of love. So i discovered the greatest thing on earth... A dog park. I love to go to the dog park, even the thought of it gets my tail wagging. I like to play with the big dogs the most. There is one dog that follows me around and yaps at me, I don't know what his problem his. Other than that my day consists of pestering the five cats in the house, demolishing any and every toy in the house. I especially like the squishy ones... I like to tear the stuffing out of them. So I see my plush bone eyeing me funny so I am going to go take care of it. Until next time.



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