Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Where is Porthos Now?

Omaha: Somewhere in middle America

Porthos here. So it is my turn at the keys. As many of you know Beagles are excellent writers. Take Snoppy for example. I thought I would tell you a little about are trip thus far. We just arrived in Omaha. I have loved rolling in all of the different grasses across the country. The best was in Idaho. It was nice and long and smelled really good. I then got to meet my Grandparents, Tammy and Russ, and play with
Walter and Jack. They fed me lots of good treats. Well it is time for me to go into my Kennel. More tomorrow.


Blogger Caldwell's Snapshots said...

You need to up date this cool blog...

the caldwells

9:11 AM  
Blogger Mandapanda said...

Hey - exciting - you have a blog! I never knew how fun it was to read blogs til I got one...and realized that pretty much everyone else in the world has one! Sweet. i'm very impressed with Porthos' typing abilities. Snoopy was pretty good, so he does have a solid role model. Anyway - hope you see this comment and post on your blog again! We miss you guys a lot and wish we'd left Willamette sooner so we could have hung out more. We'll probably see Amanda around sometime soon - hope you're all doing well.

11:39 AM  

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