Friday, January 25, 2008

We are still alive

This Blog post is dedicated to the Caldwell girls..... Since they still check our blog.

So things are a moving and a shaking for the Hemmert Family. First off the big news is that we are expecting . Amanda is due on May 22, 2008. It's a girl. The Name we have Chosen is Elaine _____ Hemmert. Yes that is right we are still trying to come up with a middle name.... Feel free to make suggestions. Amanda feels great. She is a little tired most days and gets really hungry really quickly, but I guess that is to be expected. Amanda looks forward to have her memory return after the baby is born, since she seems to have gotten more forgetful as the pregnancy has progressed. The picture was from the first ultrasound back in October, I will be uploading more ultrasound images as soon as I scan them.
The other big news is that we are buying a house. I have to say I am kind of scared. It was like a instant oatmeal adulthood thing, get mortgage, add baby, add water and stir. Like seems to have creeped up on me. Don't get me wrong I am stoked. I could not be more excited, but it is just a lot to process at once. We are in the process of still looking for a house but hope to find one in the next week or two and make an offer.
So that I keep myself on track for posting each week I will would like to start a new review section of my blog. I will talk about cool things that I have seen (i.e. movies and websites) or played (video games, board games) and the likes.
Juno - A must see!!!!! I love this movie and I am not afraid to admit it - I cried at the end. The movie is fantastic and J.K. Simmons' father character is one that I would like to emulate or at least learn from. It is worth the money to see this in theaters but could also wait for a home rental.
Heartbreak Kid - Don't waste your time. It is lame and not one of Ben Stillers' better movies. I was actually kind of bored during it. While it has a few laughs, they are few and far between.
Trauma Center (Wii) - I bought this for the wii and have been pleasantly surprised with it. The game play is fun and is very innovative with the remote. You are a surgeon and have to use the remote to due precision surgery.
Undertow - This is game that came out on the 360 a while ago but they offered it for free this week. It is really a good game, better that is didn't cost me a thing. You play a diver/ marine in an underwater realm battling to control various command points around the maps.

Well hopefully that will bring people up to speed of goings on in our life and there will be more next week.



Blogger sylvie said...

Yeah, you're blogging again!!!
I can't wait to see the latest "baby Pictures".
Good luck with the house, we're not anywhere near being ready for that one!! Too scary!!

11:44 AM  
Blogger Mandapanda said...

Hey we check your blog too!! Thanks for posting - that is pretty exciting and terrifying that you're buying a house - AND having a baby! Amanda - it was fun to see you last week, and I look forward to reading you guys' blog.

5:03 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

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12:42 PM  

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